Our Brand Legacy: RONIKI's Pioneering Journey Towards Universal Beauty

How it All Began: A Spark in New York

_"Let every girl have the right to pursue beauty"_ - This phrase encapsulates the spirit and mission of our founder, Ruby Wu. It was in the bustling streets of New York that Ruby first encountered NIKI. At that time, NIKI was trying to keep up with her friends, indulging in the world of pretty dresses, painting her nails, and attending lavish parties, but she soon found herself overwhelmed by the financial burden this lifestyle demanded.

Ruby, who believed in the power of sophistication and beauty, was deeply moved. She recognized that not everyone was fortunate enough to translate their beauty dreams into reality due to financial constraints. This revelation fueled her desire to make a difference.

Upon returning to China, Ruby dedicated herself to creating a range of healthy, affordable nail products that catered specifically to the younger demographic. Thus, RONIKI was born, a brand that combines the passion of Ruby and the inspiration from NIKI, truly living up to its tagline: "Let every girl have the right to pursue beauty".

Unwavering Dedication to Quality and Health

"Where there is RONIKI, there is charm and health"

Since its establishment in 2013, RONIKI has been dedicated to manufacturing nail polish that excels not only in design but also in quality. Our operations encompass all aspects: design, R&D, packaging, production, and sales.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our production process takes place in a 100,000-grade GMP pharmaceutical standard aseptic production purification workshop. Equipped with the latest production equipment, all our products are developed and produced in compliance with international quality system standards and have secured the approval of SGS agency CPNP, GMP, MSDS, CE, and other certifications. The service concept of RONIKI is simple and consistent: "Quality first".